Winterising with Craft!

Review: Winterising with Craft!

Hailing from Sweden, the folks at Craft know a thing or two about keeping warm in the winter, so I give you a round-up of some of their items that can fill a gap or two for the ardent winter cyclist in the family!

Nothing too expensive here, so I think they al represent excellent value for money and with winter sales all over the place it’s a great opportunity to stock up for the rest of the winter, or indeed fill a stocking and make someone smile!

Winter toe covers
Not everyone’s cup of char, but i think an invaluable item that does so much more than just keep tootsies warm. Providing an extra layer of both warmth and protection they go on my shoes in late autumn and don’t come off until spring. The Craft winter toe covers are simple, but do an important job, and do it well!

craft-wintertoe-ovrsh-10-medSiberian Bike Gloves

I’m an extremities type of guy, I really don’t like getting cold and with the Siberian gloves I can happily say I’ve not experienced cold hands yet! Super thick and very comfy they are an excellent pair of winter gloves, providing more dexterity than most. Whilst they are certainly water-resistant, it’s hard to call them waterproof as water will find its way in eventually, but with a nice long cuff it takes a long while for it to creep on down!


Zero Extreme Windstopper Skull Hat
Thin, warm and wind resistant Craft have ticked all the boxes with this beanie. As part of their excellent extreme range of base-layers, its a solid choice for the winter. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea in the aesthetics department, but it does exactly what it should and fits nicely under your helmet whilst doing it.


Active Bike Socks
They aren’t billed as winter socks however they perform a sterling job during autumn and paired with shoe covers they did well right down to single digits in the mornings. Compressive, ergonomic and comfy – they would make an excellent stocking filler and provide an extra incentive to get out on the bike in the spring-time!







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