The Wahooligan Way

There’s no doubt about it, I’m pretty lucky to have the support of Wahoo Fitness as I prepare for the Transcontinental, every morning I get to go out and spend a few hours on their most excellent KICKR trainer, the very same as Team Sky use. It’s a complicated beast, with way more to it than a standard turbo trainer, coming as it does with a bunch of power measurement and Strava Segment matching options. I can sit on the bike, and control the KICKR from my Experia smartphone, it’s a bike nerds delight!

Wahoo Fitness are having some fun with the Tour de France this year, watch the video below then head on over to their site and leave a rule of your own!

My Rule? If you are not in kit, being paid, and riding a bike, then GET OFF the road!!!

Taking a tongue-in-cheek look at all that makes cycling fans some of the best in the world, the film calls on Brits to send in their code of conduct to build the ‘Wahooligan Way’ with the best rules being published daily throughout the first three stages of the Tour de France.

Fans can join the conversation and set their rules by quoting @wahoofitness #wahooligans on twitter or instagram, or by visiting Add a Rule.

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