Video: Darklight by Sweetgrass Productions

What I love about this film, other than the production values and awesomeness of it all, is that it’s not trying to sell me sugary stimulant drinks! Just put it on and drift off for 7 1/2 minutes of bliss!

Presented by Philips Ambilight TV. In Association with Specialized and TomTom Bandit ActionCam.

Supported by Freefly Systems (MOVI), Bike Magazine, and CLIF Bar.

The lights haven’t gone out yet! Sweetgrass Productions is back with Darklight, a film that takes viewers back into a world of light and color. Supported by innovative television manufacturer Philips TV, this is the third collaboration between the soulful filmmakers at Sweetgrass Productions and Swedish creative house Ahlstrand and Wållgren. Follow professional mountain bikers Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter, and Matty Miles on a mind-bending night ride through the moonscapes of Southern Utah to the Ewok forests of the Pacific Northwest.

A physically and mentally demanding production, this piece was shot during the midnight hours over three intense weeks. With a scrappy and determined crew of 27, thousands of pounds of camera and lighting gear was slogged, rigged, soldered, hung and broken down each night. Unlike anything ever seen before in the world of mountain biking, Darklight features arrestingly beautiful landscapes and world class riding.

An evolution of its predecessors, Darklight continues to push the creative bounds of action sports cinema.

There’s a fascinating ‘making-of’ as well, check it out!

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