The Honor Race

Starting and finishing in Barcelona, the Honor Race was 140km of up and down on gravel roads, with limited entries and some delicious catering – all in all an absolute top-notch sounding day out on the bike!

I stumbled across these folks via their film on Vimeo and straightaway fired up Google’s Chrome browser to check out their website to see if the race looked as good as the film.

The film embodied so many things I love about cycling, companionship, seemingly silly roads, great days out in the countryside. The fact that the film’s language wasn’t in English was even better, really highlighting the universality of cycling as a pastime, exactly as you might find out on the roads racing the Transcontinental, the verbal language doesn’t matter so much, everyone out there understands the language of cycling.

So sit back and enjoy!

Legor Cicli & 5 Shillings at The Honor Race from 5 Shillings on Vimeo.

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