Review: Reef Rover Mid shoes

Wondering what to buy the cyclist in your life? If they have been dropping hints but you’ve just not picked up on them then worry no more.

Simply browse through this list of scrummy festive treats, with gifts from £5 and upwards, there’s bound to be something to suit even the most discerning of pedal-pushers.

Socks – everyone likes socks, so here’s a few favourites from this year!

Hats – Hats not helmets, a little something to keep your head warm during winter and cool during summer.

Gloves – I hate cold hands, absolutely detest it, so here’s a good selection of items to keep those fingers feeling funky.

Overshoes – like gloves for the feet (more like gloves for the shoes really) help to keep those tootsies toasty when warm socks just aren’t enough.

Rain Jackets – why would you want to get wet and cold on a ride?

Winter tights – let be honest here, it may be december, but winter is hanging around for 3 more months still!

Arm & Neck warmers – just for a little bit extra.

Base-layers – keeping bodies warm and nipples unchaffed.


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