Sony Xperia Z3 vs The Brownlee brothers…..

I love my Sony Xperia Z2, it’s got a cracking camera, awesome screen and it’s waterproof. Pretty much the only issue I have with the Xperia Z2 is the battery, when it’s in full swing with wi-fi, bluetooth, NFC and a bright screen I can struggle to get a solid day’s use out of it. Obviously then, this video from Sony Xperia featuring the Brownlee’s is an interesting watch, the brothers swim, ride, and run their way across the north of England (gorgeous btw) in an attempt to see who tires first, them  or their Sony Xperia Z3’s – the updated version of the phone I have.

I’m hoping to get hold of a Z3 before the Taiwan KOM Challenge and will let you know how it holds up! (I’ll be taking a lot more photos than these two did ;-))

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