First run, Done.

First run. Done.

After 6 weeks I’ve finally managed to get out for a run – long overdue and sorely needed! But I sit here, buzzing with endorphins that have been absent for too darned long!

In those 6 weeks the most strenuous thing I have done has been the washing up, and at times even that has been painful. Sudden movements, carrying objects out of balance, moving from drops to hoods, all of these have brought pain, so you can imagine the nervousness that was there about running.

But after finishing work BANG ON time, and rushing back to my hut to lace up, I managed to get out with the sun still above the horizon to raise my heart beat.

Since breaking my collarbone and rib it’s gone from early Feb to late March and what a difference it makes. The last time I was running there was snow, whereas this time I got to see the scenery around me for the first time – and by golly it is nice!

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4 miles, 7km. Not much. Something. Enough.

Enough to raise the pulse, test the legs again and get the measure of my limbs.

All seems to be in working order but there are definite niggles from the whole left side shoulder area, from the tricep right up to the (incredibly knotty) shoulder, and through to the back. All is still not well in that area.

I spoke with a GP today, one who has broke both collarbones no-less, and he was a little surprised at the height at which the clavicle stump protruded – he went on to talk about stuff which was very long and certainly Latin-sounding, when I awoke he summarised it as bruising and time being the great healer.

During the run it was clear that running on more compacted surfaces was problematic. I was wearing adidas adizero XT trail shoes which had awesome grip in the mud and decent levels of cushioning when running on solid tracks, but it was evident that a smooth running stride was needed to avoid discomfort.shoes1

Post-run and the shoulder area was stiffer than a day-old cornflake, evidence of it’s cosseted life over the last few weeks, clearly there’s work to be done here.

But, the headline news is that I can run again, this is something that fills me with great joy! With the Fisherman’s friend Strongman run (oh the ruddy irony here) in May it’s great to be able to be in a position where I can work on strength, speed, and endurance again.

Bring on the miles!

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