Rotterdam to Riga: The Secret Cycle!

Review: Rotterdam to Riga: The Secret Cycle!

Disclaimer: Contains Super-High Levels of Awesomeness!

If you know my wife – you CANNOT TELL HER! bad things will happen if you do!

It’s really quite simple, and if you say it out loud enough times it even starts to sound sensible!

On Tuesday 23rd of July I will be dropping the wife and kids off at the airport for them to fly to Latvia for 4 weeks for a summer holiday.

I’m going to pop back home, attach my Revelate Designs bag to the seat post (after taking it out of my cunningly hidden cubby-hole), cycle up to Hull, catching the Hull to Rotterdam overnight ferry, and then from Rotterdam cycling the 1,248 miles to Latvia to meet them.

Well, when I say ‘meet’ them, I really mean ‘surprise’ them, as the first time wifey will find out will be when she opens the door to me when I get there!Route Overview

Timescale? 4 days.

Maths? 1200 miles ÷ 4 days = 300 miles/day (ish)

Sleep? 2-3 hours per day

Average speed? aiming for a consistent 15mph for 20 hours (that’s the trickiest part)

36196ft of ascending – which sounds a lot, but over 1248 miles its’s pretty swell.Climbing Profile

It’s a great opportunity to test myself physically and mentally and what better way to get some miles in and have an adventure!

It’s not for charity, it’s for me – and what better way to surprise my wife than this?

If you want to show some support for this adventure there are a couple of ways….

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