Review: Torq Fitness Recovery Shake

Review: Review: Torq Fitness Recovery Shake

A tasty, life-giving, leg-repairing drink thats palatable and works like a charm 9/10

So how do you test a recovery drink?

It may sound like a daft question and the answer may seem to be simply drink it and see how you feel, but I don’t think its quite as easy as that.

You see, if we test by taking it, how do we know what to compare it to? Deep huh!

So in the interest of science, and for the sake of some extra punishment I put myself through a series of rides, both with, and without any form of recovery drink.

For my summer adventure across Europe I took along 4 days supply of Torq Fitness Strawberries and Cream Recovery Drink – it came in a 500g plastic tub so obviously this was decanted into cash-bags (unused ones!) to allow for transportation and portion control. ( I know what you are thinking, PRO to the MAX!)


As a drink flavour its perfectly acceptable, a hint of strawberry in there, but not so much of the cream side.

Now Torq do some really great flavours in their gels which are surprisingly like what you may expect when you read the label, so I guess I was a little disappointed with the lack of actual strawberry and cream ‘kick’, but the flavour that came through was more than adequate – easily drinkable and fine on the ol’ digestive system.

So 4 days of solid riding across Europe brings a certain amount of tiredness with it anyway which obviously has to be accounted for, you don’t ride 300 miles a day without a level of fatigue building up, but the manner in which the legs coped I think speaks volumes about the quality of the recovery drink!

Were the legs tired? Of course they were, thats obvious and perfectly normal, but the key part is they were continually moving – being fed and rebuilt from the drink as the days went along. This Torq would say comes from their unique formula way in which they make the drink such as

So there you go!

I’ve done a few long rides now (200miles+) so I think I know how my body reacts when it’s tired and the Torq recovery drink did an admirable job at keeping me in shape.

So how do you test whether it’s truly working or its just a tasty placebo? well you go out for a ride of course!

I went out for some longish rides of mixed hilly/rolling terrain to give myself a proper workout and to see how I would feel the next day without the Torq drink and to compare conclusively (in a rubbish science fashion) whether the drink works…..and the results are clear – I was struggling to walk up the 3 flights of stairs at home to even write this!

Heavy, leaden, legs. Horrible. Just Horrible!

So there you have it, some science and some cycling mixed in together to prove that the Torq Performance Strawberries and Cream recovery Drink does its job, tastes good as it does it, and helps you get your life back the day after riding!

Here’s their page, complete with all the info about the fine detail of the product and if you scroll down they have included a whole bunch of references to back up their words – suffice to say my legs like it, my tummy likes it and Strava likes it!

So in conclusion, if you are running low and/or are looking to make a change to your recovery fuel then it’s definitely worth trying out the Torq range!



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