Review: Svelte Long Sleeve Heritage Jersey

Review: Review: Svelte Long Sleeve Heritage Jersey

As sure as beans is beans, autumn follows summer, and whilst we may obsess over the lightest, airiest, and fastest jerseys for that single season we can’t ignore the fact that the other three seasons dominate our clothing choices, and what better excuse to purchase the most excellent Svelte Heritage jersey?svelte_product_1080x608_burgundy

Svelte, as a company, are relative newcomers on the scene – being a scant couple of years old, but what they lack in age they make up for in getting it done!

The Heritage jersey is squarely aimed at the rider looking for smart styling, smell avoidance, and subtle performance – excelling across all three areas!

With a merino blend the jersey helps keep whiffs at bay, whilst adding in some additional warmth over polyester efforts. it’s very much along the lines of a ‘sportwool’ fabric, thicker than a traditional jersey, but without losing the performance characteristics you would require.svelte_product_1080x608_details_burgundy

The additional thickness ensures its versatility, meaning it can be worn on from rides in the ‘fair-to-middling’ category, right through to the foulest of weather (with appropriate layering obvs).

I’ve had this jersey since february now, and it’s been out in every season, and apart from the very hottest weather it has performed admirably.

The fit is close, but not aggressively so, with nice touches such as a slant-cut to the wrist (as seen on a few other jerseys out there), side entry to the rear sized pocket, and the rear pockets designed for easy access (but not so easy that bits will jump out).svelte_product_1080x608_burgundy2

At a shade over £100 it’s a pricey jersey no doubt, but with such utility it makes up for the price tag – and it’s also worth remembering that it is made here in the UK, so you are going to be paying a premium there.

I guess my only gripe is a purely personal one, whilst I like the colour (purple) it’s not particularly bright or visible for cars etc, I find it’s quite an autumnal shade and while I really do like it, it does blend in a little too much for my liking on the country roads – but you know, bike lights solve that!svelte_product_1080x608_details_burgundy_2

Altogether, it’s a great piece of kit, worthy of a place in your drawer, and one that will more than stand the test of time for value!

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