Review: Santini Tempo Long Sleeve Jersey

Review: Review: Santini Tempo Long Sleeve Jersey

A stylish long-sleeved jersey, offering great value and performance at a very sensible price – a real alternative to logo madness!

Performance 8/10 Looks 10/10 Value 9/10 Overall 9/10


It seems that with the British weather being so inclement that nowadays there is never a bad time to buy clothes that will be worn through all 3 (4?) seasons.

I’ve been wearing the Santini Tempo Jersey of late, to be honest I didn’t envisage it getting much use this time of year but as it happens I have been wearing it most days!


Worn as an outer layer, with just a simple base underneath it provides enough insulation to cope adequately with mild days, keeping you comfy down to the 4’s and 5’s area if the wind isn’t playing up.

It has very little in the way of wind resistance, so you will lose the heat quite rapidly, but for a high-tempo ride it does the job nicely.

Having worn it through several spring showers I can attest to its ability to keep the water off your skin, it will eventually soak through, but the Thermofleece fabric means you should be safe for some time – and it will cope with the brief showers that we are having, for longer more prolonged periods you will definitely be wanting to take out the rain coat from one of the 3 elasticated rear pockets.

One of the things that I did like about the Tempo jersey was using it as a mid-layer when the temps did drop – early mornings etc

On the colder mornings when I had a windproof top on as well the Tempo did a great job of keeping the core body at just the right temperature – the fleece doing a grand job of regulating the heat as needed.

Aesthetically its a lovely piece of kit, I was wearing the Royal Blue version, and with just a nod towards reflectivity it’s a very classy looking top indeed.

I would go far as to say it’s probably my wife’s favourite looking top of mine, it’s cut close, but not too – and it doesn’t scream out euro fashion explosion (which to me is a good thing)

Retailing at around the £70 mark it’s an excellent item to have in your wardrobe, although it won’t be spending much time there as it will be called into use very frequently!

If I had one quibble with it, I would say it really could do with a zipper housing at the top, with the zip pulled all the way up I found myself getting irritated at it digging into my chin – but for £70 and simply lowering the zip by 1cm it’s certainly not the end of the world!

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