Review: Rapha Merino Knee Warmers

Review: Review: Rapha Merino Knee Warmers

A single piece of Merino wool, stitched (flatly) in the middle to join up as a smooth tube. Black and stretchy and oozing with warmth. There, thats pretty much my review done for the Rapha Merino Knee Warmers.


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They stay where they are put, they stretch delightfully (95% Merino, 5% Elastane if you were wondering) and they retain their shape through repeated washing and wearings – as an aside Rapha recommend you wash them on the wool wash at 30 degrees, so make sure you are wearing some wooly jumpers at home as well!

They are of simple design and construction, with just a hint of Raphaesque flair about them, but they put in a stellar performance – when paired with Rapha’s Pro Team Thermal Bibshorts (previously reviewed) they kept my pins comfortable down to 0 degrees – and without riding in a freezer I couldn’t test them any lower but I think there was still scope for more punishment.

A word on length, at 5’7″, albeit with a S leg size, these could have doubled up as leg warmers for me (size medium). Wearing them to just below my knee they came up 3/4’s of the way up my thigh, so if you are endowed with a similar stature then perhaps a size S might be on order – but no matter as the extra length meant more cosiness and I could, had I wished to go down that sartorial route, worn them as leg warmers right down to my ankles!


At £45 they are not the cheapest, but what they lack in ‘features’ they more than make up for in performance, If warm and happy knees are your thing, and you don’t mind spending a little extra on them, then I can thoroughly recommend these knee warmers – they are my default items, to the extent that if its positive on the mercury at all then its shorts and knee warmers rather than tights!



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