Review: Rapha Winter Socks

Review: Review: Rapha Winter Socks

“Achingly close to perfection for cold winter riding! 9.5/10”


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Chunky, comfy and warm, Rapha’s winter socks are a joy for the feet! If toasty tootsies are your thing, and let’s be honest who actually likes cold feet?, then these will do the trick splendidly!socksx3

Everyone gets socks for Christmas – drop some hints and these would be worthy additions!

Just enough reinforcement where it counts, these merino blended socks provide comfort and protection as they should. A padded toe and footbed keeps all that lovely heat in, making these socks perfect for cold winter riding!rapha heel

If they have a downside it’s possibly that they are too thick! If your shoes are snug already then you simply won’t get these in comfortably, however if you have either a pair of specific winter shoes, or rock around in shoes that allow for chunky socks then you will love them!rapha toe

At £15 they are, as to be expected from Rapha, at the expensive end of the price spectrum, however having said that, I checked out the socks I got for my dad and brother last year for Christmas (oh yes, that’s how we roll!) and they were £15 for walking socks – so it seems that the going rate for quality footwear!

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