Review: Quadlock out-front mount

Review: Review: Quadlock out-front mount

A couple of years ago I reviewed a Quadlock bike mount when they launched in the UK. It was, back then, a spot-on gadget which held my iPhone securely allowing urban travel from google-maps.

Now, the years have passed, and my taste in phones has moved on somewhat. I’m now using an Xperia Z5 Compact, and with it being waterproof it seems like an ideal solution for city navigation.IMG_5544

Step up the Quadlock out front holder. It uses the same locking mechanism as it’s predecessor, but now in an on-trend out-front variant.

To my mind this puts the phone in a better position for navigation as I’m not looking down at the stem to view, by placing it further up it sits in my peripheral vision better and it feels like I can concentrate on the road ahead.IMG_5549

While Quadlock still make a variety of cases for Apple (and Samsung I believe) devices, those of us who walk a different path are left to use a hard-shell case and the Quadlock Universal mount. It’s not exactly an imposition.

Simply clean your case with alcohol, I used nail varnish remover from my frame rubbing sessions, and apply the 3M-backed mount to the rear of the case – because it’s going to stick (and stay stuck) it’s worth giving some thought to placement, the stickiness appears to be strong enough to cope with having the phone not dead-centre – my phone is pretty light, perhaps with a phablet device you may be at a bigger risk.IMG_5551

In use the mount is secure and super solid, holding the phone tightly, without any concern of it bumping off.

To engage, and indeed disengage, the movement is simple. It’s a quarter turn action, with the big blue lever being used to let the phone come free. There’s absolutely no way the the lever is going to be depressed by accident, it’s a very obvious action, so the risk of the phone coming loose accidentally seem minuscule to say the least!IMG_5535

Price-wise it’s certainly at the higher end of the mount spectrum. The out-front part is £25, whilst the universal mount is another £10 on top – coming in at £35 for a phone mount it does seem quite steep.

Having said that, it’s certainly worth pointing out that the phone is a darn sight more expensive, and this does really add a big level of ease to city navigation – without any concerns about safety or losing the phone. I’ve taken the bike across the cobbles of Newark and the crappy roads of London town and it’s been solid as a rock the whole time, coupled with the ease of navigation via google maps in front of your eyes it really is a solid purchase.IMG_5546

I’m back in the Quadlock ecosystem once again, and happily ensconced there!

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