Review: Proviz Rucksack Cover & Triviz Lighting System

Review: Review: Proviz Rucksack Cover & Triviz Lighting System

Well thought out, canny design and great value for money – perfect for winter commuting! 9/10!!


As previously mentioned, I am not a fan of hi-vis for its own sake – however I will concede that it does serve a purpose so it’s certainly not all bad.

As a daily commuter I carry a bag with me on every trip, normally containing an iPad and sometimes a laptop as well so it’s essential that the contents stay dry!

So wouldn’t it be great to have something that fits both those descriptions? Keeping my books and gadgets dry and making me more visible on my commutes?

Well, it seems that Proviz were thinking just that same thing and they’ve gone and made a rucksack cover in conspicuous yellow – tasty!Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 12.10.24

It’s very waterproof, not once has my bag got wet during the last few weeks of riding, and there have been some quality downpours in that time!

Featuring the perfect visibility combo of garish colours and reflectivity it ensure’s that no matter the time of day or weather your back, and subsequently YOU, remain visible at an ideal height for drivers to see!

It has a very canny reflective triangle on the rear, giving some additional reflectivity during dark rides – and according to the few drivers or bikers I’ve asked it does a cracking job of showing up.

What really makes this handy is the rear of that triangle is velcro, allowing you to attach a triangular light to the back, further enhancing your visibility at night. ‘Triviz’ is what they are calling it – triangle and visibility  – you see what they did there!?

Interestingly I really like the illuminated triangle and can totally see it’s benefit, however my wife thinks it’s a bit overkill and “it looks like they are trying too hard” which, for someone who wants me to be seen all the time I find quite odd – however I guess it’s further testament to its powers of visibility!

The only real downer for me was the build quality – and that may have been down to me anyway…. the cover comes with a pair of elastic straps that attach by popper to keep the cover nice and snug on your bag. Sadly I have managed to break both of the popper, with the female housing coming unattached from the cover itself.

So build strength could have been tougher, but I think it’s worth mentioning that my bags are quite big, so perhaps too big for the cover ‘properly’?

Even without the straps the cover works fine and does a great job! It does get grubby, well it would do in this weather, but thankfully a quick blast in the washing machine (or in the shower) soon sorts that!

So how visible is it? Well, my wife is happy for me to go out with it in nasty weather – knowing that ‘you’re much more visible with this on’

Well worth a purchase to keep you visible on your commute!

Rucksack Cover is around £10

Triviz lighting is also around £17



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