Review: Prologo Scratch Pro Ti 1.4 Saddle

Review: Review: Prologo Scratch Pro Ti 1.4 Saddle

Comfy, classically shaped and great value – a solid purchase for your next saddle 9/10

I’m a fickle type sometimes, I like spinach leaves, but am horrified at the thought of them cooked, likewise you can’t beat the crunch of a raw brussel sprout!

So you might imagine, I like the saddle that I normally ride on. Together we’ve done thousands of miles, I’ve perched on it across the UK doing back to back centuries and we’ve bonded. It’s a solid partnership.

When a new saddle comes for review I am always reticent about it, how will it make me feel – will there be blisters, will we get on together, will I fall out of love with my current saddle? All problems I agonise over!

As it was with the Prologo Scratch Pro Ti 1.4 saddle.

Prologo make their saddles in a variety of different styles, this one is the 134mm width variant, 143 is also available, coming with 1.4mm nickel – titanium alloy rails – carbon is available for those that need it. Prologo designate this their ‘Round’ saddle, splitting their range into 3 shapes – the round being their long distance/endurance saddle, am apt moniker for this saddle which has been ideal for that type of riding.

But one of the things I have managed to learn, and admittedly I forget it every time, is that my derrier adjusts to whatever saddle it is perched upon very quickly.

Mark Cavendish is a famous tinker on his bike, adjusting details before each stage, proving that we can adjust to setup changes quite easily.

So upon first squat on the Prologo Scratch it felt a bit ‘odd’, you know that feeling that something isn’t quite right? That one.  20 minutes later, the feeling had gone completely, in fact there was no oddness at all – it felt like we had been friends all our lives.

It felt good. That’s high praise from someone who really likes to be comfy on his saddle!

Over the course of the last summer I have taken the Prologo across Europe – doing monster 300mile days, around the Peaks – bouncing in and out of the saddle on the climbs and pounded it on cobbles, fields and compacted country tracks. The Prologo  has handled it all with aplomb, attesting to a fantastic build quality and hinting at it’s use as an MTB saddle as well!

And my body has loved it.

The saddle absorbs the impacts well, with just enough flex in the wings to be comfy without being too floppy, allowing for easy peddling and good levels of shock absorption, meaning its kind on rump and spine, shoulders and head!

At £100 it’s at the bottom end of the expensive saddle scale, the part where it starts to get pretty serious. It offers good value for money, holding it’s own against its rivals in the comfort and price stakes, and giving some more expensive rivals a very good run for their money!

If you are looking at spending a tidy sum of cash on a new perch, you won’t go far wrong with the Prologo Scratch Pro Ti 1.4


Obviously a saddle is a very intimate part of the bike and its setup, so what may work for me may bring different results for yourself – so if you can try a test ride then give it a whirl!

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