Review: Pedal Bites Sampler Box.

Review: Review: Pedal Bites Sampler Box.

For our recent ride up to Scotland the good folks at PedalBites sent us The Sampler – as its name suggests it’s a box with a bit of everything in it.Pedal Bites - The Sampler

With all forms of sports nutrition it’s not necessarily a case of one size fits all, but the range of goodies here hit the spot pretty much every time!

Upon opening the box the first thing of note was how small the bars were, similar (but bigger obviously) to a match-box, a quick scan of the ingredients and nutritional info soon allayed any concerns that they wouldn’t pack enough of a punch.Pedal Bites - Get up and Go

The bars are literally packed with goodness, ingredients that I recognise, and enough calories to put to shame a great many of their competitors on the market.

This is a double blessing, first off they are packing enough calories for sustenance, but also, they are cramming them into a small package – it really is a case of less is more with them.

The goodness comes in 2 formats, either bars or balls, and whilst they are all tasty, I definitely had more of a fondness for the bars.Pedal_Bites_31032015_260

Consistency across the range is very uniform, they are fairly moist bars, pretty dense (did I mention they are packed with goodness?!), but easy to chew and swallow on the go. Quite often energy bars can suffer from being either too stodgy or too artificial in taste, but not here. Genuinely delicious, and very easy to get down.PedalBites_25082015_74
I think my favourite was probably the ‘Let’s Go Apre’ bars (main ingredients being Apricot and Coconut), which I thought was sufficiently fruity to be truly delicious.2016-05-21 11.19.57

Whether you are into fruit, nuts, or seeds – or even all of them – PedalBites have got a bar or ball which will totally hit the spot. Their natural ingredients, and made that week freshness is hugely appealing, and in use they pack enough goodness to power the longest of rides without suffering from either overload of palette boredom.

Definitely recommended!

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