Review: Parentini Mossa Long Sleeved Jersey

Review: Review: Parentini Mossa Long Sleeved Jersey

1976 was a good year, a long hot summer, I was born, and the year that Parentini came into existence as a clothing firm. The ensuing decades may not have brought them front and centre into the publics attention, in the UK at least, but it has certainly given them opportunities to create some excellent clothing – the Parentini Mossa jacket is an example of one such gem.Parentini-Mossa-Yellow-front

It is a jersey/jacket combo, as first popularised by a different Italian clothing company a couple of years ago in the World Tour. Whereas the other jersey is water resistant, the Mossa claims to be fully waterproof, making it ideal for the British winter (and spring, and summer, and autumn!). The Mossa is made in Italy, with Italian fabrics, and a nice little roundel of the Italian flat on the sleeve.label

My version is the fluro yellow variety, it’s not my favourite colour out there, but it’s certainly noticeable and that keeps Mrs Cox happy! For a jacket that will be worn in the foulest of weathers that vibrance is certainly useful, and with some good reflective touches it also does a decent job of keeping you visible in the dark.Parentini-Mossa-Yellow-rear

Out on the road and it’s an impressive bit of kit! With the mercury down to low single figures it copes well with just a base layer (Parentini also make a very usable bit of kit there as well!). Wind resistance is good, although it’s worth mentioned that due to the laws of fluid dynamics (i think) if you have just a thin base layer on your arms they will lose heat from the wind.Zip

Saying that however, it’s not really a top for slow rides, it certainly seems at its best on tempo riding, that’s something to keep in mind.

In wet weather the Mossa really shines. I’ve been out in constant rain for hours and stayed warm and dry throughout. The rain just beads up and rolls off the jacket, the leading edge of the sleeves stay dry with the water taking an age to absorb. This is due  to the Windtex Membrane fabric, which comprises two layers sandwiching a the membrane. The Mossa utilises a Windtex trademarked membrane called Storm Shield. Water simply beads off the fabric and even on a ride of 2-3 hours in steady rain, the Mossa copes superbly, far surpassing the point that the others may have succumbed to the rain. What’s also excellent is that the jacket is breathable, you are not boiling in the bag whilst keeping the water out.back label

That membrane uses your own body heat as an insulator, and it’s very noticeable, especially in the wet – it actually felt warmer in cold temperatures in the wet than in the dry!

The fit is race cut, but Parentini go to lengths to explain that the fit is true to size, if you are  a medium in normal clothes you should be a medium in this.  The rear has a dropped tail, and the cuffs are snug enough to keep the breeze out. On the subject of fit, due to the ‘homemade’ nature of the jersey, Parentini can personalise the jersey for clubs and teams, which is a nice touch!gripper

The jacket has withstood some horrid weather this winter, and after being washed many times it’s still vibrant and holding up well.

Overall it’s a very competent jacket, able to withstand the weather keeping the rider in comfort the whole time. It won’t suit the gentle rides in the cold, but if the weather is threatening and you are looking to still get out and log some miles it won’t let you down!

It’s not cheap, and you might have to hunt around to find it, but I can see this lasting for many years, repaying it’s initial investment many times over!

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