Review: Orange Seal tyre sealant

Review: Review: Orange Seal tyre sealant

It’s orange and it seals tyres, the Orange Seal tyre sealant does exactly what it says on the bottle!

If you are going to be running tubeless tyres (and you really should if your wheels will take it!), then having a squirt of tyre sealant inside to stop the incisive punctures is the next logical step.

Hailing from the US of A, Orange Seal make this very effective sealant, using a mixture of different sized granules to help plug any holes before they are noticed.

It’s quick and simple to apply, with a handy injection system, although it is a little thicker than some other sealants – not an issue but can be a bit gunky at times.

I’ve taken the filled tyres off road, down tracks, and through glass, all without any discernible affect on pressure.5Road tubeless screw

You are looking around £10 – £15 for a bottle depending upon size and outlet, and for my mind, it really is money well spent to keep you riding through the worst of punctures!

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