Review: Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub & Muscle Soak

Review: Review: Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub & Muscle Soak

Soothing, and warming without overpowering the senses. A welcome addition to aid recovery!


Hot Ginger Muscle Rub


Now I would hazard a guess that if you were to mention muscle warming creams then the first thing to pop into most peoples mind would be Deep-Heat, followed swiftly by cold wintery afternoons playing rugby at school or perhaps saturday mornings playing football down the local rec.

Well, you can cast those old thoughts aside and linger on the gentle gingery aroma of Natural Hero’s Hot Ginger Muscle Rub! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, either before a ride to add some worth to the legs or post-ride to aid recovery. It adds another layer of ritual to the riding experience, either taking you 1 step closer to PRO or perhaps, and more likely, one step closer to realising and accepting our own fallibilities and lack of invincibility!

After applying a little amount to the skin it soon comes to life, bringing a lovely warming heat to the skin and soothing aching muscles beneath. Thankfully it does it in a seemingly controlled manner – there’s none of the instant burning of Deep Heat – bringing up the warmth nicely.

rub back

I was slightly concerned about the potential for a ginger over-dose with this, but I was worrying for nothing, there’s certainly a hint, but the possibility of a nasal assault never materialises and instead there’s just that subtlety instead which is both pleasing and satisfying instead!

All in all, a lovely winter warmer and an ideal addition to either pre, or post, ride routines!
Hot Ginger Muscle Soak





It’s cold out, so whilst a long shower is nice after a chilly ride, a long bath (post-degunking first) is a great way to warm and relax after an eventful spin. So with that in mind Natural Hero have this quite wonderful Hot Ginger Muscle Soak to ease your aching body.


Like the muscle rub, ginger is the order of the day, and like the muscle rub it delivers without being over-powering in its intensity. Just add a vial to the bath water (there are six vials in a packet) and add body when ready.

With a mix of ginger, herbs and essential oils it packs a soothing punch, keeping me in the bath for longer than expected and feeling better than expected upon leaving. Does it work? Hard to say. Does it make for a nice and relaxing bathing experience? For sure. Does my skin feel good after the bath? yes it does.

Maybe not an everyday bath addition, but certainly something to keep as a treat after a particularly cold/hard ride out!







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