Review: Maxxis Padrone 700×28 Tubeless Tyres

Review: Review: Maxxis Padrone 700×28 Tubeless Tyres

From dry and firm to moist and gritty, the MAXXIS PADRONE 700×28 tubeless ready tyres have gripped everything that’s been thrown at them.

I’m a convert to tubeless tyres on the road, whilst they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, for me they make total sense. The 28mm wide Maxxis Padrone tyres have been an excellent example of why tubeless is so darned good.tyres

Unlike inner tubed tyres they can be ran at a lower (read – comfier) pressure without the risk of pinch flats, and this benefits the rider in a couple of ways.

The first being comfort, the lower pressure means that road vibrations are not transmitted through to the hands as much, in-turn meaning the ride is far more enjoyable! Secondly, there is no discernible loss of speed with slightly reduced PSi’s.

Effectively what I am saying is that they are more comfortable, and just as fast!

The Padrones are a great example of this in action, they are a race tyre (super slick) and in use by Pro-Conti United Healthcare. Out on the road they roll fast, their weight (300gm) isn’t tiny but certainly respectable, spinning up nicely and cruising along effortlessly. Cornering at speed was never skittish, and in both wet and dry they felt glued to the road.

Getting them on in the first case was a little more problematic than hoped for, my track pump wouldn’t get the inflation right so I popped along to The Cycle Garage (my LBS in Nottingham) who kindly obliged using their compressor. The Padrone’s did however get onto the rims easily enough (Shimano RX830 tubeless ready wheels), which is always a positive sign.

A quick squirt of Orange Seal tyre sealant to avert punctures and we were off. Initial impressions were solid, and that’s continued over the last 1000km!

The pressure has stayed firm the whole time and I’ve not needed to re-inflate at any point.

They have cut-up no worse than other race tyres, and I’ve been puncture free the whole time, and that include deliberately riding through some rough tracks and glass patches to test the tyres and the sealant.maxxis 2

In the 28mm size they are very comfortable, very fast, and certainly help make rides more enjoyable by reducing puncture anxiety.

Altogether a worthy addition to your wheels for puncture-free fast riding!

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