Review: Lezyne Road Drive Pump and Caddy Sack

Review: Review: Lezyne Road Drive Pump and Caddy Sack

Smart, practical and efficient, a couple of simple gems from Lezyne to adorn your bike and jersey

The chaps over at Upgrade bikes sent over some items for testing, and you know that when an item finds its way onto the bike and doesn’t come off again after the review period, thats a sign that things have gone well!

Road Drive Pump

I’m not normally a pump carrying person, having completed many 100+ mile rides without a pump and just trusting in my tyres and good luck. Which is all well and good when you can rely on the former and trust in the latter, however it means you can’t help someone who may need your help along the way – as was the case on my very first ride out with the lovely Road Drive pump.

I stopped to assist a stricken rider and we both marvelled at the fact this was the first time I’d ridden with a pump in months, he was super-grateful!efb93750-966b-42f0-a99c-a2f800c6b266_290x290

The Road Drive comes with a neat little bottle-cage mount, assisted by a little piece of assuring velcro to keep it safe and sound.ec8e22c1-d599-40b9-9f94-a2f800c6b266_290x290

It was just a case of un-popping the rubber plugs at either end, taking out the flex-hose and attaching to the bike (presta only). The hose attaches at either end, one side threaded the other not, giving speed vs security options for you.

It’s got an excellent feel as you pump, in-part due to its all aluminium construction, and despite its diminutive size it works wonders at getting a decent volume of air inside the tyre, inflating this chaps 30mm tyres without any struggle and before I was tired. To test it further I’ve been deflating my tyres for fun and it’s had no problem getting them back up to 90-100psi again.

A smooth action, a nicely designed package, and great (road-bike) inflation options makes this a worthy addition to the bike. At around ¬£35 it’s not the cheapest out there, but the performance justifies it, and the additional velcro securing it is a great touch – ensuring that it won’t bounce out (unlike the last 2 pumps I’ve had).3ae66a5d-fd8e-4a0b-b9c4-a2f800c6b266_290x290

This is one part of my kit for the Transcontinental race that is sorted!

Caddy Sack

The market for sacks, pouches and wallets is positively blooming right now, with all manner of handy holders for your phone and valuables available.

I’ve spent the last several weeks using the small and medium versions from Lezyne, both of which have seen daily use.

Constructed out of heavy-duty PVC they’ve stayed waterproof throughout, which is lucky as they’ve been holding my phone!cfa8bb11-0c91-42d4-a07d-a0c900a280a0_290x290

The medium provides enough space for smartphone, passport, money and other bits and pieces all neatly held together, whereas the small can cope with a smartphone and cash snugly. Both fit snugly into a jersey pocket, although the heavier they get the more the jersey will sag, so best not to go too overboard.

Really useful, hard-wearing, and ever-so-slightly¬†euro in styling, for less than a tenner, you can’t go wrong!

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