Review: Kryptonite Stronghold

Review: Review: Kryptonite Stronghold

 Strong, substantial and reassuring solid! A wise choice for your pride and joy! 8/10
I was recently talking with the brand manager of a LARGE lock company who expressed the opinion that any lock is sufficient to stop the casual thief, but no lock will stop the professional ones!
In this day and age of bikes being stolen to order and strava leading would-be criminals to your home (you have masked your strava start points i hope? <Check out here!>) it is wise to take a few precautions!
I don’t think any lock will stop a pro (I wonder if thats affording the thief to much respect? Professional thief?) but the more you can harden your security the longer you have to turn the light on, throw rocks out of the window, pour vats of hot oil on the shed – or simply call police! <disclaimer – if you do go medieval on them there’s a strong chance of you going to prison (so bury the bodies carefully!)>
When the Kryptonite Stronghold box arrived I was pleasantly surprised at the heft of the thing, and looking through the packaging I saw I had to get my power drill charged up!
Make no mistake this is a serious bit of kit, you drill it into the ground and attach a lock to it from there!lock2
Depending on your DIY skills it will take either 20 minutes or a phone call to your dad to get it drilled into the ground – concrete – and set-up. 
However once it’s there, it’s firm enough that it looks like the only way its being taken is if you drill out the concrete itself! And if that’s how well prepared the would-be thief is coming then you will need to get a security guard to look after your bikes as nothing will stop them!lock
Coming in with a Sold-Secure Gold mark is a big endorsement, but remember, any locking solution is only as good as its weak point, so you need to ensure that you choose a good solid lock to attach your bike to this!


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