Review: Knog Bouncer Bike lock

Review: Review: Knog Bouncer Bike lock

Seemingly lightweight, portable treasure protector 7/10

I really liked the Bouncer bike lock from Knog, it’s well thought out, really lightweight to carry and lock your bike. Simple.blinder

But….to me it’s a little to small for everyday use. Don’t get me wrong, it fits beautifully into a sport wool jersey pocket – the lock is only 800 grams or into a jacket pocket so it’s great to nip into town with. The issue comes in that it’s not particularly long or thick, so you may have to rummage until you can find a suitable spot to lock it against.blinder 2

With thick carbon tubes, and a standard lamp-post it’s simply not going to work, small railings really are the key to this little beauty.

blinder 3

And that’s a shame, because there are not that many railings left so I found myself hunting for suitable spots!

blinder 4


If you have a bike it will fit, and you have scouted around for suitable locking points then it’s a great way to keep your pride and joy safe around town, and with a soft plasticky/rubbery casing to it, there’s no need to worry about scratching frames etc.

If it works for you then it’s a heat lock to stow in a rear pocket!

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