Review: Huawei Mobile Wifi E589 on the Everything Everywhere network

Review: Review: Huawei Mobile Wifi E589 on the Everything Everywhere network

Not the cheapest method of sharing a mobile internet connection, but far better than tethering from a phone and great for rapid uploads!

I recently took delivery of a really nifty gadget from Carphone Warehouse Business, the Huawei Mobile WiFi E589 -not exactly a catchy title, and not much at first glance to do with bikes but nonetheless a super handy device to use!

I put it to use during a couple of recent cycling marathons, a LeJogLe attempt and RAAM, setting it up to provide wifi cover in the support vehicles (do you even remember the days when WiFi wasn’t on the list of priorities?!)

Yes, I could have used the tethering on a mobile phone, but this turned out to be much quicker and also meant I didn’t suck the life out of the phone too quickly – also useful if you don’t have a large data allowance on your mobile!

The MiFi also allows up to 10 other devices to connect to it wirelessly, so you can let the whole office/family/team share the connection – and if you are in a 4G area then you can all still get a reasonable speed.

Simply power up the device, search for it from your laptop and use the password (handily stuck via post-it note to the bottom for me) and you are up and running – or rather; down and sitting!


In use it can be left in the corner, the signal kicks out through 3 floors of a house, so in vehicle use is more than covered – I actually found the signal acceptable down in the garden with the MiFi placed on the top floor of the house! Power is supplied via USB (isn’t everything these days?) so make sure you have a spare USB socket nearby!

Obviously your results are going to be entirely dependent on the network coverage, but with Everything Everywhere I seemed to be able to find a decent signal in most places it was needed – my particular favourite was whilst sitting in the back of a Transit van down in Devon, uploading 50MB of photos to Tumbler – the device and the network handled both with aplomb, taking less than 1 minute to send the pictures!

Using it for BBC iPlayer it was also more than capable of handing the HD content of The Apprentice (it didn’t make the contestants any more likeable though but that’s no fault of the device I think)

At approx £150 sim free, significantly less on a contract! it’s a good spend for those who need to be in touch via their laptop on the go, or for those who don’t want or need a phone line into the house but want fast internet!

Check coverage first for sure, and check prices but it’s certainly a handy device!

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