Review: Erdinger alkoholfrei isotonic drink (beer!)

Review: Review: Erdinger alkoholfrei isotonic drink (beer!)

Touted as an ‘isotonic sports drink’ Erdinger Alkoholfrei beer is the Bavarian brewer’s take on a, as the name suggests, alcohol free beer – and with a heritage that goes back 130 years they’ve done a darned tasty job!erdinger isotonic

Anyone of an age will remember drinking Kaliber as a child, and being pushed away from alcohol free beers for life.

Erdinger is not kaliber!

erd test
Drink of choice after Alpe d’Huez!

Sweet tasting and refreshing, this is actually a genuinely pleasant drink!

When Anda tried some she took one swig from my glass, inspected the bottle and proclaimed that “this is good stuff”, both in terms of taste and ingredients she was suitably impressed.

A day of riding taken care of

Impressed enough that she now reaches for an Erdinger when she comes back from her runs as well!

It’s got around 125 calories in a half-litre bottle, and a good dose of natural ingredients

Erdinger nutrients

If you are looking for a tasty alternative to a sugary sports drink, or simply want something without alcohol in the day time, then this might the drink for you!

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