Review: Elite Sior Race Mio Bottle Cage

Review: Review: Elite Sior Race Mio Bottle Cage

Simple and dependable in use, light enough for most and a sensible price 9/10

With bottle cages costing from mere pennies up to the best part of £100 the Sior Mio Bottle Cage from Elite fits in at a sensible £15.00 (give or a take) and excels at its sole purpose in life.cage

Tested over 2,000 miles without a single issue it’s simple yet elegant design ensures that its cargo stays put over the roughest of terrain. At first glance of the pave in Germany I was slightly concerned about losing a bottle with days of riding ahead of me but not to worry, the bottles stayed put!

It features a simple spring release in the centre of the cage to keep a snug fit, coping easily with 500 and 750ml bottles. At time it can be a little tight to remove the bottles, but I was happy to pay the .25 second price for keeping them on-board!

It’s light enough for most people out there, and if it’s weight is a real issue may I suggest you simply take 20ml of drink less in your bottle!

Coming in white or black it should match up with your bikes colours in some way – I went for white, it get’s dirty easily (it’s white duh!) but washes clean nicely.

It’s a bottle cage that works faultlessly at a sensible price.

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