Product Review – Donkey Label Merino Socks

Review: Product Review – Donkey Label Merino Socks

socks 2At first glance they so appear to be a little too much like Team Sky colours – but don’t let that put you off this cracking pair of foot wrappers, with a high merino wool content, mixed with a little bit of nylon and spandex they are a superb addition to your toe warming wardrobe.

I’ve given them 2 separate testing schedules to really check them out and I am pleased to say that they have come through both with flying colours.

Test 1 – the wearing/smelling test. I wore them every day for a week, and to my (and my wifes!) delight they came out smelling fresh and still usable, no lingering odours at all, and no crispiness!

Test 2 – warmth and cycling suitability. Now as much as I like the fact they are eminently wearable on a day to day basis, they are designed for use on the bike – so it would be remiss of me to not use them as such. I have worn them on rides from -5 up to +10 and they came through with flying colours in every case.

To me cold feet and toes are just an abomination when riding, nothing kills my passion quicker than that tingling cold-burning sensation of chilled toes. Paired up with a simple overshoe to attempt to keep the rain away these socks performed admirably, keeping a suitable level of appendage snuggliness despite the sub-zero conditions.

They retained heat when wet, and dried rapidly afterwards and after a couple of rides they were still soft to the touch.

With arch compression they gripped the foot beautifully and the crew length took them mid-calf when pulled up, maybe thats your thing, maybe it isn’t, but it’s winter and it worked nicely for me.

Available from  in the UK and  Donkey Label in the States and priced around the £13 mark they are a top quality investment for your feet.

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