Review: Donkey Label’s Pack Animal Phone Holder

Review: Review: Donkey Label’s Pack Animal Phone Holder

[justified_image_grid preset=3] Very few things strike fear into the modern persons heart more than seeing water on, or indeed, in their mobile phone, such is the seeming necessity of the mobile that to be without it for even a few hours can cause the most mild-mannered of people to turn into a raving lunatic!

It’s a rare ride that I  will ride without my trusty HTC in a pocket somewhere, and rarer still that I won’t have some form of protection for it. If its in a rear pocket it faces a battering road water, in a chest pocket its got steam to cope with, and even the most breathable of jackets can still hold that moisture in!

For the princely sum of £7.50 the good folks at will ship you out a Pack Animal from Donkey Label. And depending on the vagaries of the UK postal system you will find all your wet tec worries will evaporate like cold water on a hot rock!

Perhaps you are using a freezer bag and you are scoffing at the thought at spending literally 700times the amount of your current fix, but to that I would say the following….

In the couple of months I’ve been using my Pack Animal I have had no worries, concerns or fears about water ingress whilst out on rides, nor have I been worried about key punctures and I’ve been able to have an elegant solution to my mobile fears.

A simple ziplock seal is applied at the top which makes for a cosy home, and allows the phone to still be usable even in the bag -this has the upside of protecting the devices mic from the wind and actually making calls easier to hear for the other party! Touchscreen devices are still able to be used with ease, and no matter whether your gloves work with the screen or not normally, inside the pack animal they will!

This is a cracking little phone wallet, and an essential bit of kit, and come to think of it I’ve not even mentioned the handy little pocket for your cards or cash to go in neatly – it just gets better!

Should you break it, then get in touch with ilsoigneur and they will swap you out a replacement free of charge and apparently with a smile on their faces! Can’t say fairer than that!

£7.50 solves your phone worries so effectively that the only better option is to leave the phone at home!!!

Available in 3 sizes from (il) Soigneur

The Details

Small (8cm x 14.5cm) :  Iphone (3, 4) with no case
Medium (9cm x 15cm) : Iphone (4,5) in case or similar sized phone
Large (9cm x 16.5cm) : Samsung or Android or those other huge phones



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