Review: Defeet Woolie Boolie socks 6” cuff

Review: Review: Defeet Woolie Boolie socks 6” cuff

“Thick, warm and comfy 9/10 (losing a point as they might be TOO warm…”


The moment you put your foot into these baby’s you know there’s some serious dockage going on!

Good quality thick wooly socks are up there with the very best items a cyclist could ever want, and these Wooly Boolie’s from DeFeet are a pleasure to wear.

They kept my feet warm out at 2 degrees, and if anything they are too warm at anything above 8/9 degrees! I’m looking forward to seeing what mother nature can throw at us this winter, who knows, with these little beauties on, I might even be able to cope with a festive 500!

With a variety of colours and cuff sizes on offer, reinforced toe boxes and compression for your arches for stabilisation these will keep you going throughout the winter and may well be your ‘go-to’ sock for those chilly mornings!

At a penny under £15.00 they are at the top end of the spectrum, but in my mind they are worth each and every penny of that money! Have a look around online and they can be found cheaper – hence an even bigger bargain!

OH, and they have a picture of a sheep on the bottom – guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face – unless they are afraid of sheep, in which case they will scream!

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