Review: Carton Cage ‘bottle’ holder

Review: Review: Carton Cage ‘bottle’ holder

cage 1Designed and made in Sheffield the Carton Cage is quite possibly the worlds first and only square cage designed for holding cartons!

The original point to the design was to allow for the carrying of drinks cartons, perfect for picnics and summer parties, and to this end the Carton Cage fulfils its niche perfectly.

It’s lovely one-piece construction is a joy (see the pic to view for yourself) and its comes with a pair of holes to attach to your bottle mounts, so to that end it really does fulfil its purpose nicely!

Now the design is classy and looks lovely on a certain type of bike, think classic steel or aluminium frame etc, but to be honest it does look a little, shall we say odd, on a more modern styled carbon fibre frame. The two differing styles clash more than a Britney Spears/Pogues mashup.

So whilst the Carton Cage does do its job perfectly, and it does feel quite cool to have your orange juice carton on the bike, it feels very out of place on a more shapely frame.

Only one thing for it really, find myself a classic steel Raleigh (well I am in Nottingham after all) and attach the Carton Cage to it!

UPDATE: yes, it works perfectly with ‘normal’ bottles as well (forgot to add that bit!)


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