Review: Birzman Feexman 12 function multi-tool

Review: Review: Birzman Feexman 12 function multi-tool

Well constructed and lightweight multi-tool that’s ideal for daily needs and perfect for those on a weight budget! 9/10 feexman

The Birzman Feexman is a lightweight easy to use multitool containing enough, of the right, tools to be able to sort yourself out should something happen mid-ride.

I’ve used it over the summer, thankfully as little as possible, but whenever the need arose it stepped up to the plate admirably. Even I must admit to my surprise having an 8mm hex to help get my pedals off in an airport – with the wide grip of the tool I could get some heft into it and the pedals come off nicely!

Coming in at a little over 100g it is certainly light enough to pop into your jersey without worry – and it comes with a tasteful rubber green sheath if you are worried about gank in your pockets.

To keep the weight low some of the larger hex-wrenches feature hollowed out cores – nice touch!birzman_feexman_1

It’s very snugly put together, the tools all hold in place without any irritating rattles, and the overall design is very impressive.

12 functions: 

Chain Rivet Extractor

Flat head screwdriver 5.5

Cross head screwdriver

Tire Lever

Hexkey T25/2mm/ 2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm

At a penny under £30.00 it’s a great value, lightweight addition to your toolkit – and for those who are looking at longer journeys, per gram it offers significant piece of mind!

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