Review: Adidas Supernova LS Jersey

Review: Review: Adidas Supernova LS Jersey

Stylish, lightweight and functional, all the right ingredients, just not brought together perfectly yet.

Adidas are well known as the GB cycling team sponsor, and up until 2 years ago they were the TeamSky sponsors, but I’ve never really noticed them much out on the roads, so when the chance came to take a closer look at their new range I obviously jumped at it!Supernova Front

Over the last month I’ve managed to get some miles in on their Supernova Summer Jersey, both commuting and knocking out some high tempo riding on the TT bike. It’s a very lightweight, vibrant white and blue affair, and to be honest for some rides it’s great, really truly great. But not for all rides…..

It’s quite a loose-fitting affair (in lycra terms anyway) and its very stretchy at the rear to accommodate items in the pockets – 3 +1 zipped, and there’s the rub. It’s so light and so stretchy that anything put in those pockets with any kind of weight to it will drag the whole jersey down to your bottom! And I mean 2 gels, a phone and my keys will do that, so not much at all. I tried to put tools and a tube in there as well but it just wasn’t practical AT ALL!Supernova Rear

So what’s the point then? Well I thought of it almost as a summer linen shirt, you know the one, probably worn by James Bond in Cuba whilst looking forlorn. It’s a lovely jersey if you are going out for a ride and won’t be carrying stuff with you and just want the extra layer of cover over your arms.

With reflectivity over the arms, in the form of 3 stripes, its got evenings covered when you need an extra layer. And that’s really when it’s in its element, when an extra layer of coverage over the arms is required to keep the chill at bay, or to keep the sun off without being too ‘racey’!

Spring/summer morning or evening rides, or even high summer rides when you don’t want a tan, keep the pockets light and it will be a fantastic piece for your ride, comfy, visible, swift wicking and very stylish.

D84215_B D84215_FIt will suit some folks, but certainly not everyone – for me it’s just too stretchy – for others it may be perfect! At £80 it’s sensibly priced I think, almost certainly will be found cheaper in the usual places, which takes it to good value for something that could potentially get lots of usage through the warmer months, and as a mid layer in the colder times.

Certainly a shot across the bows from one of the largest sports clothing firms in the world – if Adidas are serious about being in this market then the competition will need to take note and fast!

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