Rapha Pro Team Climbers Shoes.

I’m a shoe fan, always have been and suspect I always will be, and the further I travel into cycling the more I appreciate details and functionality. When Rapha announced a climbers shoes last year I was immediately drawn to see what they would do.

At long last images are out, the shoe is nearly ready and we have some technical specs on the Rapha Pro Team Climbers Shoes.

The sole is the same as found on top end Giro shoes, such as the Prolight SLX and the Empire SLX, both of which I’ve used and find super stiff and super comfy. Rapha have taken a ‘less-is-more’ approach and have ventilated the shoes for both weight and comfort.

Available in November, in black/pink, blue/white, and white/grey variants they should suit almost every wardrobe choice, although certainly not every budget as they will be coming in at £280.

All in all they are looking to be a sweet set of summer shoes, or even a good reason for a winter training camp!

Technical cycling shoe designed for climbers

Using materials and construction techniques that prioritise low weight and ventilation, the Climber’s Shoes offer cutting-edge performance and an understated, classic aesthetic.

The uppers are made from a mesh-backed synthetic leather, chosen for its low weight and exceptional breathability. Retaining the tensile strength required to support a foot during intense efforts, the mesh lining also allows sweat to evaporate from inside of the shoe. The leather’s perforations enable fresh air to circulate, leaving the foot feeling cool. Low-profile hook and loop fasteners are chosen for their simplicity and minimal bulk.

The EC90 SLXII sole is an evolution of that found on the Rapha GT Shoes. It keeps weight and stack height to a minimum, incorporates a replaceable heel protector, and is shaped to complement Giro’s SuperNatural Fit™ footbeds that allow riders to choose their preferred level of arch support.

Key features:



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