Rapha AW17 – nailing it again!

There was a time when lycra was only gaudy, loud, and generally pretty ruddy tasteless! If you don’t believe me, take a look at the old cycle shop in your town, it’s been around since Adam and only sells second-hand bikes. It does a good steady trade with students, but has never moved with the times – incidentally, it’s also a good place to find a second-hand tape deck! I digress.

Nestled in the back of this shop there is some cycling ‘gear’, there’s an old Oxford chain lock (1 key is missing), some trouser clips, and 2 jerseys.┬áThe jerseys look like they were painted by a handcuffed-crab, standing astride a mechanical bull, whilst holding neon-tipped paint-brushes in its mouth – and NO, not in the good way you think they might turn out!

Now, love them or hate them, burn them or rate them, Rapha have changed that! And once again their new season’s kit is not only looking good, the visuals for the launch are stunning. Filmed in Scotland, Rapha have seemingly managed to contrive the #lightbro to be in all the shots just about right!


All this is, of course, to help showcase their new season launch, and to help inspire cycling folk to get out and get lost on the lanes!_dsc4019

Featuring epic beard game, caps on backwards, and badass female cyclists, it once-again helps keep Rapha front and centre in the apparel purchasers mind!dolomites_36

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go ride a bike!rapha-norway-emilymaye-6179

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