Video: Portrait of my grandfather: 80 & still cycling.

Proving just how inclusive riding a bike is, Florent Piovesan has made this beautiful short film about his grandfather,now 80, who still cycles.

Made as a gift for his grandfather, it’s a wonderful way to spend 6 minutes!

I love how simple it is, how unadorned the music is, yet it still captures the joy of the grandfather. I also love that wherever you go riding you see this chap, either him or others of his age. Pottering along at their own clip, just enjoying the ride.

A short documentary film about my grandfather and his passion for cycling.
I made this as a gift for his 80th birthday (or his ‘4th 20th birthday’, as he likes to say).

Filming and editing : Florent Piovesan
Titles : Ams

Music :
Cliff Martinez – He Had A Good Time
Cliff Martinez – I Drive
Mike Patton – Snow Angel

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