Review: Polaris Fuse Waterproof Jacket

Review: Review: Polaris Fuse Waterproof Jacket

Over the last couple of years the industry has seemingly moved towards water-resistant jackets like the Gabba and its kind, but in the Fuse, Polaris have shown that a well-made hardshell jacket can handle the elements better, and for longer!FUSE_Blue_FR.jpg-638x900

I’ve been out in the Fuse a lot recently, reaching for it when the rain is coming down at its worst, and with the plethora of storms the UK has had this winter that’s meant we’ve received some serious drenching.

The good news is that the Fuse works very well as a permanent outer layer. Keeping the wearer dry through the very worst lashings I’ve been out in, unlike a soft-shell style jacket the Fuse doesn’t get overwhelmed, with the fabric just letting the water roll off instead of gradually soaking in.

Racey is not the cut, this is a jacket for foul weather, not for racing in. The material is a little thicker, and the cut a little more generous, ideal for going over other items (or commuting!), without getting too creased up inside, it’s also got a nice amount of stretch to it, should you find that you are not quite at race weight this week…..FUSE_Blue_LF.jpg-583x900

Because of its thickness it’s not ideal for rolling up into a rear pocket, it’s certainly possible, but you will need a good sized pocket to cope, it’s definitely a jacket to wear on those days when you just need to accept the conditions and reflect on rule #9.

The two rear pockets are deep (yes just two, angled for easy entrance) and fitting of a jacket that is designed for the wet, they have mesh pockets to let the water out again. There’s also a zipped waterproof pocket on the rear-right for valuables. The front also features a handy chest pocket, suitable for a smartphone or wallet.FUSE_Blue_BK.jpg-670x900

Elasticated cuffs, complete with thumb loops, and a high collar all help to keep the elements at bay, completing an altogether strong foul weather package.

The colour scheme is bright and bold, and, coupled with the good range of reflective accents, means that your other half (or indeed your mum) will be relatively happy about you going out in bad conditions.FUSE_Blue_DT1.jpg-300x450

At £120 you are getting a solid bit of kit which staves off the weather, and avoids you boiling yourself whilst riding, aimed at everyone except the hardcore racer it does an excellent job at keeping your riding enjoyable whatever the heavens throw down!FUSE_Blue_DT2.jpg-600x900

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