The MBA. An introduction to the course

An admission; I didn’t fulfil my potential at school or at college. All my reports said it, my parents knew it, and to some extent I regretted aspects of it ever since.

To show for my time I have a few medals, including national winners medals for Volleyball and Cross-country running, I have some memories from performing in musicals (West Side Story) or in dance shows (modern contemporary NOT jazz!) and I have some scars from living in the countryside.

I don’t however have a great academic record, my baggage as such is a wide and varied working experience, humour and passion – and it is those skills which helped me gain a place on the Nottingham Business School MBA program.nbs logo

The course is 1 year, with a solid 9-5 structure – so it’s pretty intense! We have a small group of students, with a mixture from the UK, North Africa, the Middle-East and the Far-East, a diverse range of cultures, primary languages and experiences.

I’m going to be writing about my experiences, my feelings and the challenges of a course such as this – in particular from the perspective from a non-academically scholar, trying to fit this in around 3 kids, a wife and hopefully a hobby!


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