Long Term Review: Rapha Backback. Introduction!

Review: Long Term Review: Rapha Backback. Introduction!

Do you remember as kids skinning your knees, ripping trousers and generally breaking stuff? Well it turns out its not solely limited to little kids, I think it’s got strong links with simply going to school!

Why do I say this? Well I started attending Nottingham Business School just 7 weeks ago, and I have already managed to break 3 rucksacks in that time!

Admittedly, none of them were new, but none had seen much use in the years of ownership ( I have way too many bags!) suffice to say I wasn’t best pleased about the rips, the seams popping and the zips just knacking themselves!

It’s got to have something to do with daily use, heavy loads and deadlines I think, there’s just so much to-ing and fro-ing as part of being a student (of any age)


Enter the Rapha Backpack!


I started using this bag at the beginning of November and it’s already seeing heavy usage every day for school, though good weather (!) and bad, and thanks to its handy hidden waterproof cover it should see me through the winter in dryness!

bag cover

With more hidden pockets, zips and pouches than you could shake a stick at, it comes full of promise to organise my life and keep my books, computers and papers dry and protected! At £125 it’s certainly at the expensive scale for backpacks (but by no means at the top!) but if it can last for a full year of heavy abuse then it’s certainly worth the money – and being waterproof makes a massive difference!

bag open


Let battle commence!


(after the first week – the score is very heavily Rapha Backback 1 – 0 Weather!
In use

bag stashbag 1 bag hidden shoes bag shoes

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