A Lesson From Forest Gump’s Momma

Forest Gump’s momma famously said that ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get’ forrest-gump-p111

And how right she was!

I received an email last week asking me if I wanted to be involved with Chris Hopkinson’s LeJogLe world record attempt. Well of course I would!

Having completed LeJogLe myself in 10 days I am aware of some of the demands it places on a rider, but to hear that Hoppo was looking at completing it in just 5 days, well this was a project that I wanted to be part of for sure!

At long last I would get to see just how unreasonable I had been to my support team (sorry guys!)

So, several long phone calls later and here we I am, part of the crew.

Very excited to see Hoppo in action, also really pleased to be able to get up to Scotland again, if you have never been then you really should visit!

So for 7 days it will be lots of cycling, lots of living in cramped conditions and staying awake at all hours, going up hills and down dales and generally having a whale of a time! (and plenty of time to review some kit!)

Going North
Going North

And the really crazy thing? Hoppo is using a 1800 mile, 5 day ride as a WARM-UP for competing in RAAM this year! A warm up!!!

So stay tuned as we put the finishing touches to the new site, sort out tracking equipment, get our GoPro’s all ready and embark on what is quite patently a crazy few days!

You can keep abreast of Chris on Twitter @Hoppo347

p.s if you are interested in getting your companies logo and a short video message on ONE MILLION video downloads then get in touch – but do it quickly!!!

p.p.s if you want to get your business involved in ANY way, get in touch!

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