Garmin announce Forerunner 920XT multisport GPS watch

When your company name becomes a noun seemingly dominating the rest of the industry then you know that you’ve done something right! Garmin is, I think, one of those companies that have done just that – especially in the swim/bike/run field. Their devices are considered, rightly or wrongly, the de-facto standards, so when new tech from them comes out, it’s both eagerly anticipated and much coveted!


I bring you the Garmin Forerunner 920XT mulitsport GPS watch (and a whole mess of coveting going on right here!)


Ideal or swim/bike/run folks, including ultra-runners (with a battery life up to 40 hours) it offers a whole mess of features and metrics for your own personal nerd-gasm, to aid and abet performance. It features a metronome, with vibration and audible alerts, to guide cadence training, a race predictor based on VO2 max for running, and a recovery advisor indicating how long a runner should rest before attempting another hard effort ( I would hazard a guess that these features would also come in handy if you were engaging in a kayak based activity!)


Look out for a review in the coming months!

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