Fitness reboot!

I got approached a while ago about working with Maxinutrition in 2015 to work towards a specific fitness-related goal, this was an opportunity to see how the experts at Maxi’ could help me towards a goal, capturing the journey by using #MyGoal to document it.

The goal was simple, lose 50% of my body fat by the summer, in preparation for the Transcontinental goal

It’s not massively stretching either in it’s reach or scope, I have more than enough body fat on me to spare the 50%, in theory I should have been on to a winner!

The first month saw slow, but steady progress, losing between 2 and .75% each week, with a  total loss by the end of the first 6 weeks of about 8%. Not massive, but notable for sure!calipers

Then came my bike crash, and with it a couple of problems towards #mygoal.

First and foremost was the complete and utter stop to any and all forms of exercise, through both the lack of movement in the arm, but also the broken rib preventing deeper breathing (fairly important in  exercise!).

In tandem with decreased movement and increased pain was a struggle with my diet, it simply became very hard to do such simple things as open a tin (tuna) or peel an avocado as the mobility was really impaired (although I think possibly I took an easy option with this to some extent!)shoes 3

6 weeks after my accident and I am fairly certain my body fat has gone back up again, coupled with the loss of muscle from zero exercise and I find myself back at the start again. I’ve a variety of cycling and running challenges ahead over the coming months and to be at all competitive I need to drop that timber again.shoes2

I’m still an out-patient with the orthopaedic consultant and the physiotherapy department at the hospital, but the time is right to start to ride and run again, and as the shoulder regains its strength it will be time for kettle bells to lose fat/add muscle.

So it’s time to repledge #mygoal

10% body fat by the ed of June 2015 – thanks in advance to Maxinuttriton for their support!shoes1


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