His & Hers Fitbits

Persistence and inevitability at times go hand in hand, and when my wife started talking about getting a Fitbit, these dual forces came into play. From the moment it was first mentioned, it was inevitable that we would soon become a Fitbit owning couple….

Ah, matchy-matchy, his and hers Fitbits!

Secretly I’m quite excited about this, you see, I like to think of myself as quite an active person, and that in-turn helps to justify my cake ingestion. The Fitbit will allow me to actually quantify my activity, not just on the bike, but also throughout the rest of the day as well – do I really do enough to warrant those sweet, delicious, carbs?

We will be using the Fitbits to monitor our activity, and because Anda is predominantly walking or running related and mine is based around cycling, the addition of the heart-rate monitor will level things up somewhat for us.

Let the fun and games begin!

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