First look: Rapha Climber’s Shoe

Review: First look: Rapha Climber’s Shoe

It’s not often that I write a first-look when I receive an item, but also, it’s not often that I am genuinely surprised by the feel of an item when it comes out of the box.IMG_5459

The Rapha Climber’s Shoe however, is an item that brought a smile to the face straight away – it might also be worth mentioning the Mrs Cox was also taken aback by the aesthetics.

At £280 the Climber’s shoe would be the very top end item in most ranges, for Rapha it comes in £20 shy of the GT shoe. The reason for this is almost certainly the reason why the shoe has got such a low weight and a supple feel to it.IMG_5476

The uppers are made from a mesh-backed synthetic leather, chosen for its low weight and exceptional breathability. Retaining the tensile strength required to support a foot during intense efforts, the mesh lining also allows sweat to evaporate from inside of the shoe.

That low weight (measured on my scales at 225grams for a size 43) was noticeable, and just slipping them on indoors on the carpet revealed an incredibly comfortable upper.

I can find racing shoes at time to be a bit tight at the front, but these were like slippers from the get go, so much so that I actually watched a spot of TV with the on.IMG_5470

They are undoubtedly pricey, but with their light weight, good looks and a crash repair service included, they may well be worth the money!

I look forward to getting some miles in on them.

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