Coming Soon: Fisherman’s Friend STRONGMANRUN!

At the best of times I’m not a ‘Strongman’, I’ve got reasonable cyclists legs and I try to cultivate a cyclist’s physique on my upper half – that is to say my arms are good at climbing mountains on a bike, but not for climbing them on a rope. Yet, despite this, at the point of being asked, it seemed like a totally sensible thing to agree to, saying Yes to entering the Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run at the Nurgburgring in May.

Of course I was invited and agreed well before I broke my bones, putting the brakes firmly on my running training so this rest was never in my plans, and is probably slightly less than ideal preparation for a 24km obstacle course run! 24km is longer than I’ve ever run before, with my biggest distance being about 18km – although that didn’t have obstacles in the way!

But life is for living and all that, so there was no way I was going to pull out, after all is said I done, I want the t-shirt!

43 days to go, there is a good level or nervousness built up already!

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