Eurobike goodness – New Wahoo Kickr

Review: Eurobike goodness – New Wahoo Kickr

I think it’s fairly safe to say that over the last few years Wahoo have smashed their way onto the cycling scene, first with the Kickr (I took a look at it here), and after their iPhone-enabled Rflckt they have the Elemnt GPS computer. Wahoo_KICKR_Left_Render_Final

Starting from scratch they have made massive in-roads into both the GPS market and also the home trainer market – that can only have been boosted by Wahoo sponsoring Team Sky the last couple of years!

Now, Wahoo have launched their second iteration of the Kickr, promising lower sound levels, more accurate resistance levels (algorithms apparently!) within the fly-wheel, and increased portability.Wahoo_KICKR_Handle_Render_Final

The first version was an impressive piece of kit, both in terms of performance but also in its striking design, the wheel-off concept was new to the market at that point, and now it’s been copied by a whole raft of competitors.16-260_KICKR_M_Road_Bike_Details_5372-01

I’m looking forward to spending some time with the updated Kickr and seeing how it compares! Bring on Zwift!!

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