50 mile review of the Pearl Izumi Elite AmFib Bib Tight

Review: 50 mile review of the Pearl Izumi Elite AmFib Bib Tight


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The moment the snow started the night before it was obvious that the next day would give the new Pearl Izumi tights a good test.

After a good few hours of riding in slush and rain water I was exceedingly pleased with their performance.

Freewheeling through puddles (mid-road lakes?) and they road water just rushed to get back off the fabric again, leaving my legs warm and dry.

The gasket by the feet allows the tights to fit OVER your shoe covers so the water goes outside rather than inside the shoes – make sure you have waterproof outers because standard neoprene will get wet very quickly!

Without mudguards (in the post any day now) the bum gets battered from the water, and eventually it will get wet – however the material kept the cheeks nice and cheery – without any discomfort at all.

So all in all, a very pleasant first couple of rides, with temps down to 2 degrees C and plenty of static water there was no sign of cold or discomfort.

The Elite AmFib Bib Tights retail for about £140, but can be picked up for less if you shop around. They are never going to be cheap cheap, but for the money they are giving grand service and the build quality looks pretty bomb-proof as well so you should get a fair few seasons from them!

500 Mile review to follow….

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