Cycling for Beginners – the 1st things to buy….

Ok, so lets assume you’ve just bought your first new bike, its spring time, the weather is getting better and you are encouraged to get out a bit more in the light evenings.

But what do you need to get the most out of your new steed?

Below are my top 10 essential purchases – things that won’t necessarily make you go faster, but they may well get you out on your bike more often and for longer.

So in no particular order and with in-depth pieces coming along as I write them over the coming days we have…..

1. Gloves.

2. Shorts.

3. Lights.

4. Puncture repair kit and basic tools.

5. Sunglasses.

6. Helmet.

7. Waterproof.

8. Water bottles.

9. Merino socks.

10. Chain cleaner.


Now these are my top 10, I will go into details about why these things and how they can make cycling more fun shortly. But in the meantime – what have I missed out, what would you buy first?

Leave a comment below….



and before you ask why the helmet is’t the first thing you should buy, this is about enjoying cycling, and  I think a helmet is useful if you have an accident, but it wont help you enjoy the first few miles of a ride in the same way a pair of gloves will!

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