Cycling for Beginners – Intro

To look on any number of cycling related websites you could be forgiven for thinking that to be truly enjoyable you have to spend thousands of pounds on the fastest kit, the shiniest piece of carbon and the roundest smoothest wheels ever made – and that without these accoutrements life on a bike simply won’t be enjoyable.

Well I bring tidings of great joy, simply put, you don’t need to!

To enjoy cycling all you need is a bike that fits correctly, something that can propel you from A-B, via a myriad of contours, and with luck, past a delightful little country cafe.

There is no secret to it, it really is as simple as that. Nothing really beats the whizzyness or indeed the wheeshyness of rubber on tarmac, cheap rubber and expensive rubber alike all offer similarly great levels of audible pleasure.

I am going to write a few posts on the next steps, the first and most essential purchases you, probably, need to make in order to get more from this sport of ours…..


The importance of product reviews

If you are like me, and on a budget, then you will find yourself shopping around, reading reviews and generally uhming and aahhing over purchases.  If you can, find yourself the local knowledgable bike shop, most towns have them, and yes you may pay a little more ( but you may not!) but the advice is ABSOLUTELY worth it, they are generally staffed by knowledgeable chaps and chapesses who will be delighted to show you around.

If they don’t stock it then head over to projekt313 an online compendium of the best prices for all things cycling and get a bargain!

So sit tight, come back often, and see how you can get some extra fun into cycling!

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