Cycle to work day – it makes sense!

A year ago I started my MBA, at the same time I also stopped working meaning family income dropped. One of the criteria for me studying was that we would be a 1 car family and I would cycle in every day rather than drive or use public transport.

To give you a really quick reason why cycling to work, or uni, is so great I want to share some simple maths…

If I drive in every day (5 days per week) I will conservatively use £5 of fuel each day, add to that the cost of parking at around another £5 and it’s safe to say that each day would cost around £10.

£50 per week, lets just say 45 weeks per year and it gives us the figure of £2250 in petrol and parking fees alone.

Add in VED, MOT, Insurance and running costs and that figure can round up to £3,000 quite easily! In 1 year.

Now, a simply question. When was the last time you drove to work, and got there feeling great, with your body’s endorphin levels soaring, with our stress levels low and with a smile on your face? It’s not a common occurrence, instead car-drivers get to work stressed and wound-up from a congested journey in.

My ride is 10 miles, it takes me 40 minutes, and it’s pretty much within a minute or 2 the same journey time as going by car (its quiver than the bus or the train).

It’s free, it keeps my weight down, it keeps my body healthy, and if it’s raining I get wet – but so what? You get wet walking to and from the car in the rain anyway!

A £3,000 yearly saving, a healthier lifestyle, much lower stress levels and I get to eat cake without storing the calories on my body!

I can’t think of a good reason to drive to work!

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